Amanda had so much fun shooting the sitcom Dads for FOX!



Amanda attended the premiere screening of her thriller “Kill Her, Not Me” at the “Everybody Dies Horror Festival.”  Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Amanda wrapped playing the bitchy bestie Jackie in the new pilot “Hot Fail.” Stay tuned for updates on this super funny project.

Amanda recently modeled for LA Stylist Adrien Rabago of Adrien’s Closet.  She then immediately bought a retro-chic bathing suit of her very own, along with some sensible SPF 100 in case she ever decides she’s actually a beach person.


“Honey In the Moon” has been accepted into the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner and the Palm Beach Int’l Film Festival.  Amanda plays the Lead role of “Bride.”

Amanda just wrapped playing the innocent Lead “Jordan” on the Thriller “Kill Her, Not Me” directed by George Francisco.

Amanda’s National Network Commercial for Chili’s Bar and Grill continues to delight her dad, who bought her this bedazzled T-shirt to express his excitement. Perhaps you’ve seen her playing a tortured babysitter?

Amanda just Booked and recorded a Voiceover for a new major tech website!  She’d tell you more, but she doesn’t know if she’s allowed to.